Changes for Leafnode-1.5

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Last update 25 Aug 2000  


Changes from 1.4-7 to 1.5(enz)

  • Headers and bodies of articles can be downloaded separately if the "delaybody" option is set. In this case, if someone attempts to read a message body he gets a text telling him that the message has been marked for download by fetch. The files in $SPOOL_DIR/interesting.groups are used for storing the numbers of marked messages.
  • The complete rereading of the newsgroup list from the remote server is done less frequently now (READ_INTERVALL in leafnode.h set to 90 days). Instead, fetch uses the NEWGROUPS command every time it is run.
  • Some changes were made concerning the pseudo mail that is shown when a group is opened for the first time (telling some infos about leafnode). It did not work satisfyingly before.
  • Blocking of certain newsgroups is possible.

Author: Markus Enzenberger <>
Date: April 1998