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Last update 12 Feb 2003  

This page is outdated. Get the latest stable version from

Download current version from one of these sites:

Old Leafnode versions

Play with these versions on your own risk.

Leafnode 1.x versions

Leafnode versions not written/modified by me

Leafnode beta versions

All of the versions below are beta software which means that they may fail, documentation of a lot of features is lacking and you should generally not use them if you are unfamiliar with a C compiler and a debugger. Please do not mirror these versions or include them into distributions.

From Leafnode-2.0b8 onwards, development has mostly been done by Matthias Andree. His web page - with snapshots of the latest development versions of leafnode - can be found here. Leafnode now also has its own project at Sourceforge.


Leafnode uses the PCRE library by Philip Hazel to implement regular expression functionality. While the leafnode source code comes with manpages for PCRE, these are not always contained in the leafnode packages included in various distributions. For that reason, you can download the manpages separately here. Note that these pages are for PCRE version 3.2 which is an older version of PCRE.

For the "end user", the most interesting page is pcre.7 which describes how perl-compatible regular expressions (as used in the filterfile) should look like.

Third-party software

Some people have kindly written software that adds certain capabilities to leafnode. These generally have the form of patch files for the source code. I do not support these patches. They may or may not find their way into one of the next versions.

  • This patch by Oleg Deribas <> for leafnode-1.9.18 adds an customizable placeholder article.
  • This patch by Andreas Ferber for leafnode 1.9.14, leafnode 1.9.16 or leafnode 1.9.18 adds the XPAT command to the NNTP server which is required by some newsreaders (slrn, Netscape) for some more advanced features.
  • This patch makes fetchnews retrieve articles in ascending rather than descending order. Written by; obsoleted by leafnode-1.9.17.
  • Freshnews is an intelligent scheduler for fetchnews. Written by Oisin "Curly++" Curtin.
  • dofetch is a wrapper for fetchnews which allows restrictions of groups to download. Written by Mark Harrison.
  • Leafwa is a web-based administration tool for Leafnode. Written by Phil Hunt.
  • Keafnode is a graphical configuration tool for Leafnode which needs KDE. Written by Günter Schwann.
  • Scoring capabilities for leafnode, written by Lloyd Zusman.
  • mail2news script, written by Jean-Pierre Sutto. Needs Python.

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