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Last update 25 Aug 2000  


Changes from 1.4 to 1.4-7:

  • This version is identical to leafnode-1.4, except for some little fixes mostly provided by redhat and debian.
  • The empty files put in /var/spool/news/interesting.groups were preceded by a period, for example: .alt.os.linux instead of the proper alt.os.linux etc.
  • The config file now reads 'maxfetch' instead of the incorrect 'maxcount'.
  • Makefile changed to allow it to create the subdirectories in /var/spool/news/ without a problem when you do make install.

Author: Kent Robotti <>
Date: March 1998

Version 1.4

Written by Arnt Gulbrandsen <> and copyright 1995 Troll Tech AS, Postboks 6133 Etterstad, 0602 Oslo, Norway, fax +47 22646949.